Farms & Local Food Production

 Bells Bend/Scottsboro has long been an agricultural powerhouse, providing  food  for Nashville and beyond. The fertile bottom lands, in particular, have produced  many successful farms over the years. Though the number of large-scale farming operations has declined sharply in the last century, several small-scale farms specializing in “chemical-free”, sustainable vegetable production have taken root in the area over the past few years. Scottsboro and Bells Bend are again playing a large role in supplying local, healthy food to Davidson County.

Bells Bend Farms

Since its inception in 2009,  Bells Bend Farms has become a cultural hub of Bells Bend/Scottsboro, hosting community events as well as growing a wide variety of sustainably-grown vegetables and fruits. They offer a weekly CSA program, sell directly to some of Nashville's finest restaurants, and sell produce at the Richland Park Farmers’ Market on Saturdays.

Six Boots Growers Collective

Six Boots Growers Collective is a diversified farm raising sustainably-grown vegetables and fruit, Katahdin sheep, cut flowers, industrial hemp, and producing an assortment of value added products. They use ecological soil management techniques, cover crops, crop rotation, biodynamic preparations and compost. They enjoy their work and lifestyle and want to continue to honor the tradition of proudly farming in Bells Bend.  Website:

Old School Farm


Old School Farm is a unique non-profit dedicated to producing quality farm-to-table food while providing employment for individuals that have intellectual disabilities. Founded in 2013 on the belief that creating a sustainable farm can also produce sustainable jobs while giving back to the community at large. It is our hope that Old School Farm will become a model site where you will find individuals of all abilities working side by side. Website

Humble Flowers



Humble Flowers is a small, women-owned-and-operated flower farm. As farmer-florists, they provide field-to-vase service - specializing in everything from growing from seed to styling special events. Their focus is on unique and heirloom varieties of flowers that are well suited for the Tennessee climate. Their bouquets and buckets of flowers are sold at local farmer's markets and through special orders. They also design weddings and events. Website

Sherrill Homestead 

Sherrill Homestead is a seven-acre plot of land that lies within Bells Bend, For 2015 they will be growing vegetables, small fruits, herbs, flowers and eggs for local restaurants throughout the week.

Bells Bend Grassfed


Bells Bend Grassfed is led by cattleman Loran Shallenberger. Their beef is 100% grass-fed and is sold directly to several wonderful restaurants across Nashville, and is for sale to the public at Bare Bones Butcher in the Nations. Website

Back Creek Farm


Back Creek Farm is owned and operated by the Brothers family on 10 acres of wooded property in Bells Bend. They raise their organically-fed, antibiotic-free, non-GMO layer chickens on rotational pasture. Their eggs are sold direct-to-customer on the honor system from their barn on Pecan Valley Rd. Website 

Emerson Farm


Emerson Farm is located within 40 acres of land owned by Sherry Knott and Sumter Camp and managed by David and Margo Cloniger with the help of students from Abintra Montessori School. Started in 2017, the farm raises chickens and sheep on 9 acres of pasture with 2 acres in vegetables, berries, and honey bees. Students come out 3 days each week to learn the art of small, sustainable farming and discover their place in the natural world. Website: